Real Steel, a TV movie tonight on RAI 4


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Real Steel, the movie aired on Rai 4 today, Tuesday 12 September 2017 at 21.05. A 2001 science fiction film that was directed by Shawn Levy, includes among its protagonists Hugh Jackman and Evangeline Lilly. The plot is entirely taken from the novel by Richard Matheson’s Steel novel by Steel.

Huge Jackman is famous especially for interpreting Wolverine’s role in the X-Men saga, and has, among other things, participated in films such as Pan-Journey on the Island That Is Not, Mes Miserables and Night at the Museum – The Secret of Pharaoh.

The other protagonist of the film, Evangeline Lilly, is known to the general public as the main interpreter of the Lost TV series and for his appearances in movie films like Lo Hobbit, The Hurt Locker and Afterwards.


We are in 2020. In a future not too far away, robots fight in boxing rings, sometimes replacing humans. Charlie is now close to winning the world champion title in his class but something does not go according to his plans, just before the decisive fight is replaced by a robot, Ambush.

Charlie decides to close this way with his boxer career, becoming a sort of Attorney at Ambush. The former boxer begins to take part in a series of clandestine fights, hoping to earn some easy money. But during a meeting, the robot is disintegrated into a thousand pieces.

Shortly afterwards he discovers that his girlfriend is dead and that the woman’s son, Max, will be assigned to him for a certain period of time despite his rejection. With the money earned for Max, Charlie buys a new robot that is well below expectations.

The Androide will be destroyed by forcing Charlie to build a new robot using old spare parts. When he went to a dump with Max, he found the carcass of an androide that the little man sought in all ways to reactivate. Charlie is opposed, because the robot found by Max is simply a training robot, unsuitable for real fights. Eventually Max checks out, and Charlie gives a chance to the robot by organizing a very simple card meeting.

The robot, named Atom, disintegrates his opponent even thanks to Max, who implanted in arousal a particular microchip capable of assimilating the machine any kind of move is shown to him.

After the meeting, Charlie teaches Atom the basics of boxing and decides to sign up for a tournament. Atom’s skill is immediately noticed so as to push Charlie to join him at the world boxing robot championship.

During the first meetings, the robot begins to show the first signs of failure, then account for all its strength by destroying its opponents one by one. It is thus the final clash against the world champion, Zeus. Atom will be able to spit it out?

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