Om Puri’s Driver reveals Details on Exclusive NewsX Channel


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Recently the entire media was abuzz about the sudden demise of the veteran Bollywood star called Om Puri. Just as the news is on there is another controversy coming about the veteran star’s death. Reportedly his driver called Ram Pramod Mishra shared his side of the story and spoke to a TV News Channel called NewsX exclusively.

He revealed that on the night before the star’s death he left Puri with producer Khalid and two other media persons. Then the next morning he made several phone calls to the actor that went unanswered. So he went directly to his house.  There was no response as the door was locked from inside. Then he asked the star’s neighbors about any spare key. They could not give it though they usually keep it. Then he went to the actor’s first wife called Seema Puri to get the key.

Om Puri death mystery revealed

When he came back and entered Puri’s house after opening the door he was shocked to see Om Puri lying on the kitchen floor. Many electronic appliances were all in running condition.  He then informed all the concerned people and the actor’s wife. He was lying naked with a wound on his head. The Mumbai police have started the probe and registered an ADR. Initial reports say he did not die of natural causes. The police filed the Accidental Death Report after the report of the actor’s post mortem came out.

Om Puri was one actor who worked with several movies, directors, and actors too. He was a famous face in Bollywood and also acted in a few Hollywood flicks. The news of his sudden death came as a shocker to many. It was said that the Bollywood Star died of a sudden heart attack.

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