Nagarjuna, Samantha, Sairat Kapoor in New Movie


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Nagarjuna, Samantha, Sairat Kapoor are the lead roles in the film directed by Omkar directed by PVP film, Mattini Entertainment, Oak Entertainments Prime. The film’s trailer was released on Wednesday at Akkineni Nageshwara Rao Jayanti.Nagarjuna said, “It is wrong to say that my father (AMNAR) is not ours.

The Telugu audience is always in the heart. Abburi Ravi, cinematographer Divakaran, music director Thaman is an Effort Extraordinator. I gave them small inputs with my experience. A trailer was shown before this trailer. That’s not funny. Director Orankar took a trailer to make this trailer a day.Thaman’s music was very much like this. The film is a big asset.

We all have done a lot of hard work. I’m a mentalist. We designed this character to inspire a person in Kerala. I also talked to him. He can tell us what we think. I really liked that role.The film was going to be exhausting.

Oinkar cries for me for the film. In this samantha, the serials of the demon knows what the film is to see. That’s a thrilling element. Shakalaka Shankar, Vennela Kishore and Praveen have come up with a lot of humor.

The PVP was constructed without spending the cost. Visually the movie is superb. Visual effects not yet completed.They say dubbing will come. We are waiting for October 13th.

I want this film to be a new junior. ” “Two years ago, ‘Rajagari Chari’ trailer was released on September 15th. Now on the evear birthday on September 20, The royal room’s 2 ‘trailer is happy to be released. Nagarjuna said okay to act in five minutes of hearing this story.

I feel that he will be convinced that he trusts me. I am a Nagarjuna. Directed by the director as a fan rather than a director. Inspired by the chain of ‘Shiva’, we have designed the Rudrakshmala Seen in this film. My support for the top technicians is unforgettable, “said Omkar. Producer PVPyi said, “Nagarjuna has done the film ‘Breathe’ in our banner. We have planned to make this film a big commercial film.

Nagarjuna is not only hero but also in all sections of the film. We are going to release this film on October 13th, “he said. In this program, Thaman, Seerat, Abburi Ravi, Madhu, Jagan,

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