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Mahanubhavudu Movie Rating: Director Maruthi who has shown the love of a man with a movie ‘Bhale Bhale Magadowo’ is the first time that a person who has suffered from a hygiene (OCD) wants to show a movie to the audience by ‘Mahanabhavudu’. The film, starring Sharvanand and Mehrine, was released on Friday. Let’s go to review and see how the movie is!

Mahanubhavudu Movie Review & Rating

The background music is impressive even though the songs have heard it before. Editing is good until the first half. The second half of the story is a feeling of climax for the climax. There was also a good amount of comedy. Production values ​​are good. Sarvanand has once again offered a clean comedy family entertainer to his audience.

Sharwanand Mahanubhavudu Movie Story :

Mahanubhavudu Story: Anand (Sharwanand) is software engineer. OCD is a disease. The most hygienic of people with these symptoms is high. Even though the neighbors are clean, they are living with feeling that they are not clean. If there is no cleanliness in the other then no one can survive. One day Meghna (Mehrine) is a girl who has such a disorder Anand. Anand, who looks at her cleanliness, starts to love her. Meghna is also in the office of Anand. For a few days she likes Anand too.

However, Anand did not agree to the marriage of his father Ramaraju (Nassar). But the daughter will respect Anand and take Anand alongside. At the same time, ramaraju comes to a heart attack and becomes vomiting. Anand left them in the hospital and leaves them in the middle. He tells Meghna that it is not his own to bear. In such a difficult situation, Anand can not afford such a cloud and takes his father to the hospital. What happened next? Can the cloud save her father? Anand’s mistake? Will Anand be saved? You should watch the movie.

Mahanubhavudu Audience Talk & Public Review

Mahanubhavudu Review: Director Maruthi has directed this film with the concept of how a girl who can not afford the love of the mother because of her superficiality has changed her love for the girl. Taking a short story and unveiling it to the audience. His experiment with comedy is a big hit.


Sharwanand Performance



Second half


Lengthy climax

The scenes in the climax have been put on the film. In the first part of the hero character and a character of a love track, showing the characteristics of him. Is the man unbearable when he comes to life? The heroine Brickp says that the interval card will take.

The hero who goes to a village without any facilities to get her love for her is the hero. The comedy in that village laughs all. The audience will enjoy every scene in the film. Even though there are not many scenes in the film, two and a half hours have entertained and entertained everyone’s heart.

Mahanubhavudu Box Office Collections & Income Report

Mahanubhavudu 1st day collection: Movie Mahanubhavudu 1st day collection is has around 10 Cr Worldwide. Sharwanand has done well in the role of a lover of love for the love of the girl who loved her because of her qualities. The man who hates the clay comes into the soil to win his love and wrestles matches.

Mahanubhavudu Movie Rating

Mahanubhavudu Rating: 4.0/5.0

Sharwanand has done his job perfectly. His looks and dressing are also impressive. Mehrine’s role has become a plus for the film. Her gestures and dialogues are impressive. Looks pretty on the screen. Vennela Kishore’s comedy role as hero cousin The security character laughs at the audience. The rest of the actors played well in their roles. Camera performance is impressive.

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