Jr NTR Big Boss Telugu Prince Eliminated, Fake Voting ?


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I think the big boss ownership is expected to happen again Mumat Khan who went out, Archana still continued What’s the way the Prince is going to go to the Final? This Doubt is like Since that is not the elimination of the invention, the Mahesh, Kartik, Dhanraj was eliminated in the elimination of your way to doing the Big Boss once again prove the ownership of the skin show prove again was giving more importance.

Prince, The hero of the show was not impressed with the cinemas, but he did not look impressive in the big boss as a container, all the minds continued to be very stable and faced with all the competition.

The reason for that is Adarsh, but the Reason is Prince’s mother Suneetha, Prince is not my son but a constant, but until the program lasts till continuation, the audience will not vote.What you see on the site is not a real voting Recipes Big Boss Team.

We Don’t Think so that voting is not real because since prince is a strong contester and better than all the house mates doesn’t mean he will get more voting from people of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh.

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