Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Start Date in 2018


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Bigg Boss Season 2 Telugu Date: ‘Big Boss’ became the biggest reality show in Telugu TV history. NTR’s Big Boss Show debuted the first episode between fans’ huge expectations. But as the NTR host in this show, the audience is looking forward to what those celebrities have done when 14 celebrities are contestants.

The show, which started a short time ago, has been entrusted to the Big Boss Show House as one of the 14 celebrities. The first actress, Dancer Archana Entry as First Contestant.

Previously Drugs have been partnered with the mummat and the Navdeep Big Boss One. Now Charmi and Tarun will be part of the Contestants. Aryan Rajesh, Dhanya, Chandni Chowdhary, Harsha, Comedian Venu, Varun Sandesh, Anchar Laagya, Geeta Madhuri, Tanishq.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Start Date / Release Date

The Big Boss One has made Stars come to the program.Big boss fame is a craze that has brought money and opportunities for money. And with big boss 2, whose career will be waking up, It is reported that fans are going to host Nani in NTR, but fans should agree to it because they can not imagine someone else except an NTR. The Bigg Boss Season 2 start date is July 2nd Week of 2018.

Contestants say that we are partnered with Big Boss Season One hit. Some of the program managers from the competition Charmi and Tarun in the wild card entry in season 2 lets wait for more update.


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