Bigg Boss Telugu: Vote Archana Cutouts near Prasads IMAX


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Entrusted with the bigg boss on the 16th of July, NTR is the epitome of all your grandparents. The big response to the big bass season of Telugu television, which started as the NTR host of Season 1, was a superb response. Initially hit

Initially hit top spot with excellent ratings. The ratings were gradually declining with the lack of entertainment in the later program. But in the weekend the NTV entry enters the full energy of the show. The good bass season, which completes 69 episodes, is still a good day with the Sunday episode of Season 1.

It is all in the interest of Bigg boss Season 1 Winner. The Biggas Season 1, which opened with constants (two wild cards), reached the final stage, only five in the house. Archana, Navdeep, Hariteja, Adarsh and Shivabalaji are contesting for the title Nuvvana Nena.

But NTR’s announcement that the final winner will be decided based on voting from audiences while the votes are from the constituent house while fan campaigns and camps are campaigning outside. The big cutouts of their favorite constituents are intended to vote.

But the big bass title battle is in the name of the Archana in the Least Posture. The ‘Please Vote For’ Archana was found in many areas of Hyderabad, the Archana cutouts. Prasad Aimaks and Ameerpet are the huge size of the cutouts that now attract all the attention. Fans associations are competing for the beautiful Captain Archana.

Arjuna cutout is now available at Prasad iMax during the release of the latest release of ‘Jai Lava Kusha’. In this huge cutout, the NTR photo was added to the Archana. Archana Fans is doing the title of ‘Archana Army’ with the help of social media to share her posts with the big boss title.

And if the Big boss is to be heard, the Facebook and Twitter Live polls are the ‘Bigg Boss Winner’, which means that most viewers are not voting for Adarsh. However, Shivabalaji and Haritha are also contesting the title fight. Navdeep is in fourth place and Archana is in the last place.

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