Bigboss Wildcard Entry Became Curse Says Navdeep

Young Tiger NTR’s biggest reality show ‘Bigboss’. The show has completed more than fifty episodes. One of the show’s contenders, Navdeep, appeared to be disappointed in Friday’s episode.

Commenting on the entry into Bigboss by wild card was a curse for him. Navdeep responded as part of the task given by the big boss. As part of the task, Captain Shivabalaji excludes Archana, Deeksha Panat, Haritha, Prince, Adarsh ​​and Navdeep.

Then the strongest contenders in the reality show are the 1st, and the second is the strongest. Prince and Navdeep’s first placement argue that we are qualified. In the end, Prince is the 1st with the majority.

After that, Haritha, Navdeep, Archana, Adarsh, and Sevana positions will be disqualified. Navdeep is the only thing that he has become a curse by giving him a wild card. If everyone is on the show from the first day, I have a chance to be more prone to him.

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