Top 3 Best Motorola phones of 2018


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In recent years Motorola has made a great and quick reply to a critical remark to produce some of the best phones on the market. Its strength is its diversity – you can buy a £100 or £800 Moto phone depending on your needs and tastes.

The Classic memories of Motorola RAZR are long gone. Motorola now pay attention on a consistent design that is close to stock Android and often, incredible value for money. The Moto G series in every case excellent choice for those looking for a genuinely excellent budget phone.

Here are the best Motorola phones you can buy in 2018.

1. Moto G6

A fantastic phone offered my motorola in terms of combining design, specs and software.

It has a water repellent coating is better and the G6 looks and feels much more expensive than it really is. You get a decent screen containing 18:9, fingerprint scanner, dual cameras and decent battery life to boot.

2. Moto Z2 Play

The Moto Z2 Play is a great mid-range smartphone; it features a gorgeous design, premium build and the Moto Mods support provides extended functionality based on what from smartphone that you required is from extra battery power to an improved speaker and even a built-in projector.

Despite the smaller battery, the Snapdragon 626 processor is incredibly efficient and we comfortably lasted a day on a single charge, and when we did pass out it was moving fast to top up thanks to the included fast charging tech. It holds its own against competitors in our benchmark tests, and real world use is decent.

3. Moto G6 Plus

It’s not perfect by any means – we noticed occasional sluggish performance in some apps, while the camera was a touch slow in opening and struggled to deal with shake – but there’s a huge amount here to like.

The design is smart and lightweight; the screen is big and sharp; battery life is solid and fast charging impressive; you get twin camera lenses and a decent portrait mode, along with a bunch of gimmicky camera modes that are less reliable but lots of fun.

All for this £269! It’s a fantastic deal, and a great phone for the money.

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