Why is Twitter droning with South Korea’s #NoMarriage Movement?


Why is Twitter droning with South Korea’s #NoMarriage Movement?

As the rise in population continues to cause a significant challenge to countries like Bharat and therefore the u. s., another reasonably challenge, stark opposite to the current, is slowly usurping Asian nation.

According to a Bloomberg report, Asian nation is grappling with an occasional natality as corroborated by government knowledge indicating that the amount of deaths in a very year can presently total the amount of births.

Recently, a neighborhood of South Korean girls have taken to the bi-hon manner (to not marry, to not have children), thereby rejecting the mi-hon or the “not nevertheless married” tag.
The bi-hon manner has culminated into the #NoMarriage movement on Twitter.

But why ar girls- particularly women in Asian nation – flooding the web with the


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