StandUpForYourself: girl in state Fights Against wrongdoer


StandUpForYourself: girl in state Fights Against wrongdoer

A 26-year-old sculptor, creative person and drag queen was attacked in state on thirty one might whereas on her thanks to a petroleum pump on her bike.

The defendant, a 49-year-old man, was riding his bike whereas speaking on the phone once he allegedly virtually rammed into the creative person. Upon asking him to induce off his bike, she was met with abuse. therefore she neglected him and drove away.

However, she alleges that even when she had affected away, the person continuing to stalk her.

The creative person wrote on her thereforecial media profile”I didn’t wish to have interaction so I drove away. He pedunculate ME and trapped my bike and stopped his bike ahead of mine specified I had to prevent. He proceeded to get rid of my bike keys and threw them away then began to hit my bike and intimidate ME. i used to be not frightened, I looked straight into his eyes without concern. He then proceeded to grab my crotch and threw my phone and aforesaid, ‘What can you are doing now?’. that’s after I had had it. i could not let somebody molest ME, I gave him a good slap and what happened subsequently you saw within the video.”
A witness shot a video of the incident and urged her to report the interest the police.

The creative person wrote on her social media profile”I visited the Saligao station house and showed the cops the video. To my surprise the person United Nations agency molested and maltreated ME, showed up at the station house protestant that I had hit him and ripped his garments. I defended myself proudly. in this moment I wasn’t frightened, not as a result of i’m robust and not as a result of I had the power to tackle somebody thrice my size, however solely as a result of the unhappy truth is that this isn’t the worst that is happened to ME.”
She claims that the person maltreated her ahead of the police at the station house too.

The creative person wrote on her social media profile”Even although the cops at the Saligao station house were useful and appeared to air my aspect, whereas i used to be giving my statement the person touched his chest whereas staring at my low cut beautiful dress that is incredibly ingratiatory to my breasts and aforesaid ‘Very nice terribly nice!’ ahead of the cops and proceeded to grab his crotch and barrel it whereas language, ‘Take my cock.’ All this ahead of the police and also the police had to stay neutral. What he did even within the station house is regulatory offence.”
An FIR has been filed by the state Police below Sections 354, 354D, 504, 341, 323 of the IPC.

According to her social media post, the person is out on bail. She has started a social media campaign with the hashtag #StandUpForYourself to induce justice.


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