Beef competition Goes Beep In Calcutta when Alleged Threats


Beef competition Goes Beep In Calcutta when Alleged Threats

A ‘Beef Festival’ that’s to be unionised in Calcutta on twenty three June has had to vary its name when alleged threats.

Organised by event management firm ‘Accidental Note’, the ‘Kolkata Beef Festival’ was popularised on Facebook and thousands had marked themselves ‘going’ or ‘interested’ on the event’s Facebook page.

However, the organisers claim that because of alleged threats they need had to vary the name of the competition. The competition is currently referred to as the ‘Kolkata Beep Festival’.

On 5 June, the the days Of Asian country had reported that the organisers were mulling over dropping the word “beef” from the name of the event because of multiple threatening calls and messages.
The same day the organisers place up a post on their Facebook page that read:

“For terribly obvious reasons we have a tendency to had no selection however to vary the name. The Accidental Note doesn’t create food political. the target of the event is to supply every day choked with some superb food and let everybody have an honest time. we have a tendency to ar happy to visualize the support we have a tendency to got from the folks around US and that we intend on creating this event successful by providing the simplest attainable expertise to folks with none compromise.We hope that you just can facilitate US create this a grand success and that we assure our greatest service and a few very superb food.Once again we might prefer to illustrate that though the main focus is on a large arrangement of beef dishes, we have a tendency to shall even have some superb pork dishes with it. The menu remains an equivalent, and that we shall update thereon shortly.”
However, the event’s Facebook page continues to be riddled with those that ar raising associate objection to ‘such associate event’.

“Multiple names were prompt after we place up the difficulty on social media. we have a tendency to thought-about a additional generic ‘Kolkata Meat Festival’ for a jiffy however i used to be in person uneasy regarding having to interchange the word ‘beef’ once the terribly essence of the competition was all regarding beef dishes. thus a university student prompt we have a tendency to replace ‘beef’ with ‘beep’, as this amounts to censorship. the concept resonated with all folks and that we have modified the name of the event to Calcutta Beep competition,” aforesaid Arjun Kar, one in all the organisers.

The report conjointly explicit that one in all the anonymous calls that the organisers received conjointly “urged fellow ‘Gau Rakshaks’ to raid the venue on the day of the event”.

The organisers conjointly aforesaid that they’re going to look for the assistance of the police to make sure that nothing untoward happens on the day of the event.


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