BJP 2019, Congress 1984: an analogous Wave & Pockets of Resistance


BJP 2019, Congress 1984: an analogous Wave & Pockets of Resistance

A country’s elections usually tell an analogous story. In 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has secured a historic mandate, securing 303 seats on its own and its alliance, National Democratic Alliance (NDA) securing 353 seats. it is a saffron sweep, with the BJP taking entire states like Himachal Pradesh and Haryana. however it is not Associate in Nursing unprecedented sweep.

Just like the BJP has swept entire states in 2019, an analogous sweep vie enter 1984. With Lok Sabha elections being declared when the assassination of the then-Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, Congress secured 404 out of 514 seats. once delayed elections came about in province and geographical area in 1985, Congress supplemental an extra ten seats to its tally. it had been a Congress sweep, with the BJP solely obtaining a pair of seats.

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But in each 1984 and 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the resistance to the “tsunami” of the national parties were in similar states. however with robust regional sentiment ruling supreme in these states, the states that were insulated from each ‘waves’ also are planned out equally. Let’s take a glance.

How Congress Lost 2019 Elections: four Charts offer the total image

1984 Lok Sabha Elections

In 1984, general elections came about in Gregorian calendar month, a month when PM Indira Gandhi was dead at her residence in Old Delhi. Rajiv Gandhi was appointed Prime Minister in her place before long when, and therefore the general elections were his 1st massive check in politics. Congress (I) swept up each state. per Associate in Nursing Asian nation nowadays report dated twenty eight Feb 1985, “the 1984 election result nearly closed the problem of unity (of the country) with the massive mandate given to at least one party”. almost like 2019 elections, the core issue at the middle of the 1984 election was “widespread anxiety over the unity” on the face of it within the whenmath of riots in Old Delhi after Gandhi’s assassination.

No Muslim LS MP From Gujarat, ‘BJP’s Hindutva Lab’, Post 1984

The map below details the proportion of seats that Congress (I) secured in each state in 1984. Of course, some states that ar recognised in 2019 like Chhattisgarh, Uttarakhand and Jharkhand failed to exist in 1984. For the needs of research, these states are thought of to be a neighborhood of the older states. a look at the map suggests a Congress dominance, however a better look reveals Andhra Pradesh (and currently Telangana) wherever Congress secured solely concerning fourteen % of the seats. In fact, the Telegu Desam Party (TDP) became the second largest party within the elections with thirty seats.

Another region that resisted the Congress wave was japanese Asian nation, specifically West Bengal and province. In West Bengal, CPM won eighteen seats within the state; a reminder of Left’s dominance within the 80s. Congress on the opposite hand, won sixteen seats within the state.

Assam visited polls later than the remainder of the country in 1984 elections, because of unrest within the state. which disillusion with the national party mirrored within the results, with the Congress securing twenty eighth of seats within the state. when Indira Gandhi’s assassination, riots against Sikhs ravaged Old Delhi and components of geographical area. Remnants of anger against Congress for Operation Bluestar may even be an element in why Congress solely won forty sixth of seats within the state. Similarly, southern states like Kerala and state additionally resisted the Congress wave.

Election 2019 Verdict: Lok Sabha Elections State-wise Result

2019 Lok Sabha Elections

In a piece dated twenty eight Feb 1985 in Asian nation nowadays, Associate in Nursing observation concerning the Congress and BJP citizen finds resonance nowadays. “The Congress citizen tends to vote additional for the party than the candidate whereas supporters of the opposition parties, particularly the BJP vote additional for the candidate than the party.” In 2019, it looks that the bulk of the vote forged for the BJP was for one man: Prime Minister Narendra Modi. however some states still appeared proof against the “Modi magic”. particularly within the southern states. very like 1984, regional politics in state and Kerala have created it tough for a national party just like the BJP to create inroads. In fact, in each state and Kerala, BJP did not win one seat. The map below details the proportion of seats that the BJP secured in each state within the 2019 elections.

Both 1984 and 2019 general elections ar vital results; they signify an oversized majority for one party; some would argue, one temperament. What will such a majority herald for the country? can it result in a additional united politics or one that is additional fragmented?


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