WhatsApp iOS app updated with message forwarding restrictions


WhatsApp is rolling out an important update for its iOS app. In addition to bug fixes, the latest update adds restrictions on message forwarding that is seen as an important measure to stop the spread of fake news.
Last month WhatsApp announced that the company will be limiting forwarding of messages to just 5 people. This came in light of the incidents that took place across India. The company also confirmed that they will be removing the Quick Forward option that sits beside the media messages. Apart from that, WhatsApp also added a forward label to make sure people knew when the messages are forwarded to them. Apart from this, the latest update also brings bugs fixes for WhatsApp users.

Under government pressure, WhatsApp has been taking these measures to tackle the fake news problem. Additionally, the company has also revealed that it is building a team in India, and it will also appoint an India head. The team will focus on tackling the issue through different measures including education and advocacy efforts.
The company is still working on removing the Quick forward option but with the latest update, forwards are restricted. If you own an iPhone then you get the latest 2.18.81 update.


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