Chi La Sow Movie Review


Rating : 3.25/5
Starring : Sushanth, Ruhani Sharma, Vennela Kishore
Director : Rahul Ravindran
Producers : Nagarjuna Akkineni
Music Director : Prasanth R. Vihari
Cinematographer : M. Sukumar
Editor : Chota K. Prasad
Release date : August 03, 2018
The story is about a guy called Arjun(Sushanth) who does not believe in the concept of marriage. He is forced to meet a girl called Anjali(Ruhani Sharma) as a part of his marriage alliance. Arjun meets Anjali and starts liking her in her first place. But to his bad luck, Anjali’s personal problems take center stage and leave her least interested in Arjun. Rest of the story is as to how Arjun woos Anjali to be his partner for life.

Except the hero and heroine, the rest of them are mere guest appearances. The entire film revolves around Anjali and Arjun. The hero looks natural and pulled off the role with ease. He has improved a lot when compared to his previous films. His comic timing too is excellent. Since this is a different kind of a love story, there’s no scope for him to dance or fight in the film. He scores 10/10 for his performance. The leading lady played by Rohini Sharma stands out and makes an impression in her very first film. Caught between her family responsibility and love for Arjun, she potrays the conflict of emotions very well with her beauty and performance. Vennela Kishore evokes laughs from the audience with his comic timing. The rest of the cast members have done justice to their roles.
Rahul Ravindran has delivered a different love story as a director. Not just as a director, he even scores as a screenplay writer. However, a few scenes seem prolonged particularly in the first half, a few scenes between Vennela Kishore and Sushant seem stretched. But the story picks up pace after the meeting of hero-heroine. Cinematography is another big plus in the movie. Although the movie has not been shot in fancy locations, the camera work is commendable. Prashant Vihari’s music is soothing. Editing and other technical support crew have done their job.


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