Wasted Heat is not a waste Anymore


    Researchers have developed that the heat which gets wasted due to various energy transactions of appliances may not necessarily be wasted and can be further utilised to generate power. When this heat energy to power conversion will take place the heat losses due to this process will again lead to generation of power and hence form a chain reaction. This will reduce down the energy and heat losses considerably. Most of us know that between the input and output supply there is a resistance which leads to this generation of loss and any instrument’s efficiency is based on how less energy is wasted. Now with the heat waste leading to generation of power, instruments may produce higher efficiency.
    It is very easy to convert Power to heat energy as when in winters you sit in the blanket near the heater hoping to get warm as quick as possible, that heater is an example of power converted to heat. Reversing the process is not that simple and it doesn’t work like motor and generator principle. Researchers have developed a tiny silicon device that helps in the conversion of same.
    The silicon device is very small and is about one-eighth of an inch. The infrared radiation hit the silicon dioxide layer it leads to rapid electrical oscillation which in turn leads to movement of electrons and producing heat. Well, most of us didn’t really get full marks in Physics did we? The process may sound bit complicated but if applied universally and it a large scale it would lead to saving of the abundance of wasted heat which when exposed may be very harmful. The technology is yet to be exposed to the world but when done it may not bring a revolution but will save millions of rupees and our environment and I guess that is good to start off with isn’t it?


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