Skype to feature call recording on Android and other platforms


Skype is now a thing of a past. People are using alternatives such as Google Hangouts, Discord etc. The reason is that Skype didn’t have all the features and therefore it was not the best video chat app. However, things have changed.
According to a report from The Verge, Skype will be getting the feature of call recording on Android as well as other platforms. This cloud-based feature combines all screens shared in the call, along with webcams and audio.
This is its first true introduction as technically Skype supported call recording 15 years ago. Users had to constantly look for alternatives to record their Skype calls and it was difficult for Android users earlier as screen recording feature was available only via rooting the device.
Skype launched the update yesterday as part of its brand-new Skype 8.0. It has been given a mobile-like design on desktops and resembles Twitter-like mentions with full end-to-end encryption. Support for 1080p video calling has been added along with a chat media gallery to see all the shared photos during a conversation. Also, video call of upto 24 people can be in it at one time.
So it is clear that Skype is trying to get back into the game but it seems as if they still lack behind their competitors. They have to constantly provide new updates to match the alternatives. Only time will tell how they will fare.


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