Samsung phones still troubling with its advertisement problems


Samsung phones have always had an unwanted reputation for having tons of bloatware pre-installed. One area where Samsung hasn’t improved on is their penchant for sending advertisements via the push notifications.
A Customer complained saying that he received an advertisement from the Samsung Push Service offering him a $100 discount on Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. This discount is available to each and everyone and is listed on the official Samsung website. The company is sending these notifications to users with the Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9+. This advertisement is trying to sell the Galaxy Tab S3 way before the new Galaxy Tab S4 is even released.
Three years ago Android Police wrote an article about the company sending advertisements to their devices through Samsung Push Service.
“This new advertisement I received today is arguably worse than earlier push notifications as instead of advertising a free app through their Game Launcher; it is advertising a product that costs about $500. Maybe some of you feel differently, but in my view, there’s a huge difference between advertising some free applications and advertising expensive products.” exclaimed the customer
If you’ve also received the push notifications or any other advertisement from the Samsung Push Services and are getting irritated by it, you can simply disable it using ADB. Just run the following command:
adb shell pm uninstall -k –user 0 com.sec.spp.push
This will disable the app and will treat it as if it is not installed on the device anymore. This has been working on all the Galaxy device from the past three years.
When buying a device, No one expects to get advertisements on it. Everyone wants their experience to be ad-free and bloat-free. Luckily, disabling Samsung Push Service can go a little way to help achieve that.


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