Pedavi Datani Matokatundhi Movie Review


Release date : July 27, 2018
Rating : 2.25/5
Starring : Raavan Reddy, Payal Wadhwa, Naresh
Director : T Guru Prasad
Producers : Tg Keerthi Kumar, Ms. Aditi
Music Director : Zenith Reddy
Cinematographer : Naman, Yatin Godara
Editor : Nirmal Kumar

Tharun(Ravan) is a happy-go-lucky guy who has no interest in studies. He sets all his focus on magic tricks and aspires to become a magician. In order to get things going, he takes up a janitor job in a software company. One fine day, he meets Ahana(Payal) and falls for her instantly. However, he cannot convey his love to her for 2 reasons. What are these reasons? Will he be able to overcome these hurdles and get his love life on track? Watch the movie on big screens to know the answers.
All in all, Pedavi Datani Matokatundi comes with a different concept but fails to pack a punch, owing to its ill-paced narration and confusing screenplay. The movie looks half-baked as it heads with no real direction. The episodes featuring Naresh and Ravan are the only positives for this below par attempt. It is advisable to look for other alternatives to kill your time this weekend.


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