Instagram introduces a new feature


In the world dominated by Facebook and whatsapp, Instagram is coming very close to match up with them with a spree of new features every once in a while. Major users of these social networking sites are middle aged people of the age group 18-30, so this new feature by Instagram is brought out considering the same.
The feature we are talking about is the new questions features. In this feature the user can go to the story option, then click on the story. Click any picture you want as the option, then go the stickers options and add the questions sticker and upload the story and wait for the storm to blast in you direct messages. The questions sticker is editable and you can change what your viewers or followers would see. You can also change the font and colour.
Once you have put in questions tag, it will allow all your followers to ask you anything which you would receive personally. You can reply to them in private at DM or you could upload it as a story to reply. Instagram has maintained its anonymity by not letting it show who asked the question in the story the user uploads.
With the popularity of and Sarahah, this sticker is bound to work in the same way and is expected to be popular in not even a week’s time. Instagram has possibly cracked the code to read youth’s mind and their desires hence they have come up with another feature which would be overused by people, some people would be too curious to know about it and eventually people will start making meme on it.
Instagram may not provide a platform for chatting as convenient as Whatsapp or a news feed as interesting as Facebook but it has strived to think out of the box each and every time.


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