Increasing number of Queries for DU admission


Delhi University has never stopped making the news, be it for its amazing students trying something new every time or their fest, but this time it is much more before all of this starts and those are the admission forms from parents filling up the details in their children admission forms to students mentioning the wrong gender, Delhi University’s admission helpline has had a busy time providing answers to queries from all the applicants and their parents.
This helpline was made operational on 7 May and has been handling 120-130 calls from students and parents on a daily basis, apart from helping colleges in solving various issues.
A counsellor at the helpline came out with this funny statement saying that many students reached out to them with the problem that their parents filled in their own details in the application forms.
The helpline also get queries to which the counsellors don’t have an answer to, they said.
There were also some difficult situations which were risen for all these counsellors like one of the counsellor told that “a candidate called us saying that she has filled hIncer gender as ‘others’ but in six months’ time, she will be undergoing a sex change operation to become a woman.  So what should she do?”
Another common query that counsellors get is about candidates not being able to generate their admit cards for entrance exams.
Another curious thing which occurs is that students are not only curious about their own admissions, but they also call up counsellors to ask about who scored how many marks.
Counsellors said that they mostly get queries from students who are applying for admission to undergraduate courses and the number of queries has declined after the varsity announced its fourth cut-off list.
There isn’t something wrong in reaching out for help regarding forms but if your parents are filling in their details in your forms, it’s not your form that needs help.


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