Huawei launches Nova


We Indians have always been very clear about who we want to marry but unfortunately we are never clear about which phone to buy.
Well if it’s been some time that you wanted to buy a new phone but couldn’t still settle on which to buy, just wait a few more days and you may not regret it later. The Chinese electronics giant Huawei on Wednesday said it was all set to launch the new Nova series phones – Nova 3 and Nova3i – to India soon after their launch in China on July 18.
Well if you are into gaming and your phone doesn’t support your favourite games and you still can’t buy the new X-box or play stations, Nova 3 may be a perfect buy as the device will come with a hardware-software integration, to increase graphics processing efficiency, which will boost the gaming experience.
The GPU Turbo technology will allow users to enjoy what the company calls “4D” gaming experience with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), ensuring real-time image and sound recognition, and intelligent game vibrations. This may sound too unreal to take but then which part of technology advancement was predictable?
We often cry about how easily our battery dies and often have a complain that battery is the prime importance holder well Huawei did consider it, It will boost graphic performance by around 60 percent while reducing the energy consumption by around 30 percent, the company claimed.
The new devices will come pre-installed with graphically taxing games such as PUBG and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, so if you are also one of those PUBG players, this may sound even more tempting and will provide 10 different vibrations for 30 different scenarios within these games, including shots, explosions and quakes, among others. There is still time for the new Nova 3 and Nova 3i to be launched in India, but we Indians need to know everything beforehand before it gets out of stock


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