Delhi University leading to a chaos before the UGC verdict


Most of the students studying across Delhi go to the Delhi University. Well they might have a thousand things to be happy about but one thing which might bother them is that the teacher appointments may threaten to disrupt classes as Delhi University (DU) as it will gear up for a fresh academic year next week, with a real possibility that the administration may have to replace up to 1,000 professors mid-session.
On 20 July, the day the university opens, the Supreme Court is expected to pronounce its verdict on a controversial University Grants Commission (UGC) order which tweaks the criterion for SC, ST and OBC quotas in staff appointments.
Issued this March, the UGC order sought to change the existing system in which the number of reserved posts not only for the students, but staff as well is determined by considering the institution — college or university — as one unit.
If simply put, instead of calculating the posts as a percentage of the entire staff of a university, the UGC wanted the bifurcated calculation based on each department strength.
To be prepared for such an eventuality, DU has already asked all its colleges to prepare a list of faculty reservations in keeping with the department-wise system.
There are three ways this verdict can further go. Firstly if the court decides in favour of UGC, then 1,000 teachers would be expelled, shuffling make take place and teachers on the basis of quote would be selected. If the court decides otherwise then there won’t be any effect on the curriculum an all will go as earlier. But the third possibility is if the court decides for another hearing date, which will keep the entire Delhi University hanging in between.


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