Android P Developer and Beta 3 review out for Nokia 7+


Google has always been constantly coming up with some new developments, and now this year Google has announced that the third-party hardware would be able to get in on the Developer Preview fun, with almost about a dozen handsets getting Android P—assuming their owners were willing to be like a guinea pig.
Nokia allowed for 7 Plus owners to opt-in and to try the new Android P, and now the following update for the next preview as well is now rolling out in a surprisingly timely manner which is a great news for all the Nokia users. DP4/Beta 3 preview is now also available with their images also being viral all across the internet.
If you aren’t already registered to participate in the developer builds, you may want to do it as quickly as possible. Also, Nokia notes that the update to Beta 3 (v3.110) will wipe out your user data, so make sure that you’ve got all your favourite images, videos, chats, and contacts and anything else that you need to be backed up ahead of time so that this update doesn’t wipe out your mobile before you have any idea about it.
If you are still not yet aware of the previews and you would like to know what you’re getting into, Nokia has an FAQ prepared, and you can also take a look at the Developer Preview coverage for Android P, as most of the features that have been talked about and discussed should also be present.
It is a significant milestone in the journey of Nokia regarding smartphones. With the update to Beta 3 (v3.110), it will be matching with the pace of other android phones in the market.


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