According to new survey 75 per cent of Hyderabadis have poor muscle health


Hyderabad: Seventy-five per cent of Hyderabadis in the age group of 30 to 55 years have poor muscle health according to a survey of body composition analysis carried out in eight major cities across India. Hyderabad was the third highest in the chart with Patna at 77 per cent and Lucknow at 81 per cent topping the chart in poor muscle health. Awareness about the importance of muscle health was low; most respondents thought muscle building is only for gym-goers and athletes.
After Lucknow (81 per cent) and Patna ( 77) comes Hyderabad with 78 percent of males and 72 percent of females found to have lower protein content leading to poor muscle health. The nationwide study was conducted by South Korea based InBody, a global leader in body composition analysis sector, across eight cities – Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Lucknow and Patna apart from Hyderabad. Covering 1,243 people, the respondents were a mix of working and non-working individuals between the age of 30-55 years.

Poor muscle mass could lead to impaired muscle function, fatigue and poor metabolic health, the researchers said. Seven out of 10 people at the pan India level having poor muscle health is a matter of great concern and it is important to find out ways and means to address this issue. There is an urgent need to spread awareness about muscle health, role of adequate protein intake and exercise for a healthy life.
Accounting for the low protein content in the diet, nutritionist Sunitha Premlatha of Yashoda Hospitals said, “The food composition of people in the city has more carbohydrates and less protein. The food composition is 80 cent carbohydrates with protein being consumed just once a week in many households. Even the dal that is had on a daily basis is very watery and is not  thick like they have in North India. The consumption of boiled egg, paneer and, cheese is not as required. For these reasons muscle build-up is not at optimum level. Soya is also considered a second- level protein and not first hence for vegetarians the options are to choose the right ones which will give them the adequate requirement.”
“Adequate intake of dietary proteins is vital to maintaining muscle mass as it ensures the provision of essential amino acids and stimulates protein synthesis. Drinking a lot of water and ensuring limited cooking oil in food helps. Preference should be on including chicken, fish, eggs, pulses, soyabean in diet and consuming milk products regularly,” she opined.


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