WWDC 2018: iOS 12 and more


Apple at its annual WWDC event announced iOS 12. It will be available to all devices, Apple released since 2013. With the new iOS, Apple has worked in improving performance. iOS 12 can launch apps 40% faster, camera 70% faster and 50% faster keyboard. Apple is also focussing on Augmented Reality field with iOS. For this, it has released new AR Kit 2 and a USDZ- a new 3D graphics file format. This focusses on creating content, games and apps which can help people sharing the same AR environment.

Apple also revamped its Photos App. Photos app now gets an improved Search bar with suggestions. You can now search by any keyword, be it terms like a museum, office, bar or specific events! Apple also introduced a ‘For You’ tab where suggestions for effects on certain automatically generated albums can be found.

Siri is also updated with new shortcuts. It improves suggestions which you might forget.

The top 12 features of iOS are in the list below:

● With iOS 12, Apple will also introduce screen time which will detail you, how much time your spend on screen to lead a consumer a healthy balance between gadgets and life.

● iOS 12 will support grouped notification, which will solve the long term problem in iOS devices. You can also ‘Quiet’ certain app’s notifications which can be accessed through Notification centre.

● Now, Animozi characters will be able to detect tongue!

● A leap in animozi is, Memoji. Memoji are animozis which can be personalized to have the users’ appearance, skin colour, hairstyle etc.

● Through video chat app on iOS 12, you will vale to host up to 32 people at a time! Whenever a person speaks in such a video call, its video window will get larger and then it will shrink.

● iOS 12 will bring the Measure App. As name suggests, it can help you measure object and walls through the augmented reality system.

● Apple news app will get minor improvements as new Browse tab.

● Voice memos app on iOS 12 will be redesigned and will allow users to access their recording across devices through iCloud sync.

● iBooks is now Apple Books. Its new design makes it easy to explore new titles and browse the top charts, curated collections and special offers.

iOS 12 will be releasing soon, hopefully with the new iPhone lineup!


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