Once Upon a time he sold kites on the road, but now let’s see what he is!


The businessmen in India are much easy to buy luxury cars on the road. However, millions are poured out for some fancy numbers for their cars to show their status. One of them is a millionaire from Jaipur. Model and prominent businessman Rahul Taneja paid Rs 16 lakh for his luxury car to get fancy number.
Jaguar XJ luxury car, which was purchased for 1.5 crore rupees, was waiting for a month and a half to register with a special number. Rahul acquired the car on March 25, and in a recent auction he spent huge amount for the most rare number in Rajasthan.

37 year old Rahul Taneja is running his own event management company. Rahul has more confidence in the number 1. In 1996 he bought a second hand scooter. Its number is RJ14 23M 2323, if the number is counted will get 1 (2 + 3 + 2 + 3).
Speaking about his belief in the number 1, he said, “I wish I could be number one, i wish in future my event management company also claimed to be the number one in India.”
In addition to Jaguar, Taneja bought the BMW 5-Series  in 2011. The RJ 14 CP 0001 number  for the car was approximately spent 10.31 lakh. Upgraded to the 5-Series to 7-Series car with the same number. In addition, Skoda Laura bought the car for just  it is having number RJ 20 CB 0001.

Rahul did different works until he was 18 years old. He sold Kites, Rakhis, Colors of  Holi, Dipawali  crakers and even Leather jackets on the roadside. At the age of 18, however, he moved towards modeling. As well as in the modeling field, Rahul has succeeded and has now become the owner of own event management company.
Rahul Taneja is a prime example of success. Rahul, who spent on the road for selling leather jackets and kites, has now reached the level of millions of rupees pouring for the fancy numbers to his luxury cars.


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