JDS leader Kumaraswamy addresses media, says JDS & Congress will form Government in Karnataka


JDS Leader Kumaraswamy addresses the media. JDS has secured 37 seats in the recent elections in Karnataka, while BJP stood as the single largest party with 104 seats while Congress got 78 seats in the 2018 elections.
He thanked the voters of the Karnataka state. This is very common for the people to take this decision. He says that for the development of the state he had to take this decision. Kumaraswamy has been chosen as Assembly leader.

Congress initially offered his support for JDS to form the government while Chief Minister seat was offered to JDS member itself. Congress and JDS combined have 116 MLA’s which is higher than BJP, so they said that they are forming government.
Kumaraswamy says that he was shocked with decision, but its ultimately the people who take decision. BJP is hungry for forming government, added Kumaraswamy. He also added that the BJP is misusing its power to form the government and cheat people. He blamed that BJP offered Rs 100 crores and Portfolio to its JDS MLA’s to support them to form government.
JDS (Janatha Dhal Secular) has shown its support for Congress in forming government.
BJP leaders have also taken Governor appointment stating that they will form the government as they have secured highest seats. But when Congress and JDS combined, BJP is behind 9 MLA’s to form the government.


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