Bandaru Dattatreya’s son Vaishnav died of heart attack.


Hyderabad: Former Union Minister Bandaru Dattatreya’s family has been into tragedy.Vaishnav, 21 years old son of Bandar Dattatreya, died of heart attack on Tuesaday midnight.

Vaishnav died of heart attack at Gurunanak hospital in Musharabad. Vaishnav is studying MBBS third year. The tragedy shattered the family of Bandaru Dattatreya with the death of the son. At a young age, Vaishnav died of a heart attack and this made more pain to his family members.

State BJP president Dr K Laxman and other leaders rushed to the hospital at about 3 am. Mr Dattatreya, who is a heart patient himself was informed about his son’s death only in the morning.Bandaru Dattatreya, a senior BJP leader is currently the Lok Sabha MP.


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