Did Dhoni really use swear words against Manish Pandey in the 2nd T20 Match against South Africa


Did Dhoni really say Oyee Bh**dike Idhar Dekh Le to Manish Pandey in the 2nd T20 Match against South Africa

If you are a cricket addict you must have watched India’s 2nd T20 match against South Africa held last night in SuperSport Park, Centurion. India lost the match by 6 wickets in a match which was interrupted by rain.
What stood out in the match was an over when Indian side was batting. M.S.Dhoni the erstwhile captain of India got visually upset to the fact that the batsman at the other end was not paying attention to his calls. In a fit of anger, MS reportedly screamed Oyee Bh**dike Idhar dekh to Manish Pandey.
The social media erupted soon after that over with 100s of memes dedicated to the MS outburst. But did he really say the taboo words?
The Indian situation in the match was precarious at the moment when this outburst happened. Manish Pandey who had been sweetly timing the ball till he reached his 50 suddenly lost the plot completely. He was playing and missing. He almost ran himself out during the match. MS who is known as Mr.Cool suddenly lost his temper at the willful indifference by Pandey.
From the stump cam microphone, it seemed that MS did indeed utter something hot under the collars to Pandey. However, it cannot be confirmed but the conversation went something like this :
“Oyee.. Bho**ike Idhar dekh le, udhar kya dekh raha hai.. Main Idhar khada hu na Batting Kar Raha.”
Which means o fool, look here, what are you looking there for. I am standing here batting.
Here is a video of the incident :
An MS home State twitter user claimed that he did not use swear words

You may yourself check what exactly was said during the match and decide for your self whether Mr.Cool lost his plot.


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