Crack NEET in the First Attempt with These Tips!


Top tips to crack NEET medical entrance exam is the first attempt

Medical aspirants have to take NEET in order to secure admission in the medical colleges across the country and graduate as an MBBS/ BDS or MD/MS. This examination is conducted for filling up more than 54,000 medical seats all over the country.
Key points: Based on Supreme Court’s order, NEET 2018 will be the only examination conducted by medical aspirants to fill the All India Quota Seats as well as the State Level Quota seats across the country.
Candidates often wonder what would be an easier way to crack NEET and wish to cross the bridge of clearing the examination in the very first attempt. More than clearing, many often just want to get in and be done with the exam. Not a lot of candidates can handle the pressure and expectations that come along with preparing for NEET.
Anybody who has ever appeared for the examination will lather you up with pieces of advice which they think are important for you to clear NEET. Some of the most common pieces of advice may be as follows:

  • Study for 10 to 12 hours in a day.
  • Self-study is the key.
  • Mug up your NCERT syllabus.
  • Make a timetable and follow it to the dot.
  • Do not refer to the internet; books are your best friend.
  • Finish preparation before few months and keep revising until your actual examination date.

While all such advice might seem great, in reality, it might not help much. With the changing times, there have been a lot of changes in NEET pattern which certainly affect the ways we should prepare too. All of the above advice may have worked for the previous generations preparing for NEET. But when it comes to the modern times, the preparation is difficult and multifaceted in many ways.
Without any further ado, let us delve deeper and begin identifying the secrets and tips which may help us crack the examination in the first attempt.

Lose the Fear

This is the first and foremost tip any aspirant should master. Lose the fear that grips you. Fear is one of the most accounted reasons for which even really good students may mess up their entrance tests. Let the fear that holds you unwind and push it out. Always be confident. You may not know 100% of your syllabus, but if you know 80% of it with confidence, you’re sure to do well. Fear stems deep in our minds due to the pressure of doing well and the element of shame we might have to face. So, let go of that fear and replace it with confidence to excel on a physiological level.

Devise a Strategy

It is not second-guessing but carefully devising a strategy by understanding your own strengths and weakness. Consider every factor and devise a strategy accordingly. In case you study better with video tutorials, craft that into your strategy. Study smartly rather than for hundreds of hours without any result. Devise a plan which suits your needs and ultimately completes your goal of being fully prepared for NEET.

Choose What all Should Remain in Your Drawn-up Strategy

Once the strategy is drawn, evaluate your choices. Think in the lines of:

  • What is expected out of me in a NEET exam?
  • How are my peers preparing? Can I take a leaf from their preparation?
  • What is the best way to study which will not hamper my chances of getting into the best college?

Once all of these are drilled down, then the strategy is full proof.

Master the Basics

One advice which every exam taker can give and vouch for is that mugging up NCERT books is not the way. It will only take you so far. Always focus on mastering the concepts as if you have a clear idea of the basics, it will help you solve any question no matter how tough it may be. Avoid mugging up questions and expecting it to give your brain quotients when you solve the problem. It may help you in an exam but will not help you in college.

Practice Like There is No Tomorrow

This is probably the best and sometimes, a taxing method. Practice and practice any and every question paper that you can find. Refer to the set of previous year questions and try to master the basics. Sometimes, questions may be repeated and then that is a cakewalk for you. Practice gives you the ability to attain perfection in all areas of a chapter. This will further your preparation. This is actually the test to see how much hard work one can do. Do not shy away from hard work, as there is yet no replacement for it.

Prepare a Question Bank with Good Reference Books

Try to select a question bank which has all the questions and covers the syllabus of NEET, practice every question you can find from it and work at it tirelessly. Avoid selecting a question back which has repetitive and incomprehensive questions. Do not select a question bank which has NCERT level of questions, it will cripple your preparation. Always have a set and do not blindly follow one coaching classes’ question set. Collect different papers and questions and prepare well.

Work More on The Questions You Attempt Wrong

Once you keep practicing on your question bank, there are bound to be a few incorrect answers. Do not get disheartened by it. Tackle them first. See if there is a pattern and try to solve the incorrect questions and watch some tutorial videos if need be to clear your concepts. Bookmark all the important questions and keep a close eye on previous years’ questions and your incorrect questions and see if they match. If match, work more on that concept as there is a higher probability for the aspirant to get that question in next year’s papers.

Mock Tests

It may seem like a weird method, but closer to your exam date, once you are done with your preparations, enroll in a coaching institute and take admission into their exam series. This series of mock exam tests will help you prepare well for the actual test. Every year the pattern changes and it is very important for an aspirant to be ready for the changes. This can only happen when the student has faced such question papers and can devise a strategy whilst solving tons of mock tests. Once the student understands the question pattern and knows his/ her accuracy rates, there is a way and an approach the student uses. This will help the student to have a better chance of clearing.
With all of our mentalities, we often think that our practice strategy with 60-80% of effort and success rate will help us clear NEET in our very first attempt. With every passing year, there is an increase in the number of applicants. It was 12 lakhs and now this year it will be on the rise. But, do not be nervous about this number. Combat it with all of the above pointers and you will be enriched with a shiny new strategy to beat the stress.
With all of these secrets and tips under your belt, get started and work your way into a successful result.


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