The BJP won, not the record! Rahul hopes to go out to the Congress


Ahmedabad: Gujarat polls ahead of polls in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh poll results The BJP is more enthusiastic if it comes to the polls like the upcoming Karnataka States, and especially the results of the election a year before the 2019 elections.
In Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh, all the results are said to be winning by the BJP. Most surveys say that Kamal party will win more than one hundred seats in Gujarat. Some surveys say that the margin will win with seats. In Himachal, however, the Congress is dead as it is death.
Surveys have revealed that the Congress party has a strong contribution to the Bharatiya Janata Party in Gujarat. Surveys say that the BJP has the conditions to win even the lowest seats. But the Exit poll surveys say the Congress has a huge defeat in Himachal.
The Exit Poll Pattern does not seem to be fulfilled by the BJP’s desire. In the past, Congress has won 149 seats in Gujarat. The BJP has been enthusiastic to hit the record. BJP national president Amit Shah and other BJP leaders have said they have 150 seats. The BJP’s hopes of breaking Congress record is not going to be fulfilled even when winning in Gujarat.
Another thing is that the BJP has been ruled for decades, so people can say that the popular opposition has reduced seats. But in 2019, Amit Shah said that he would not have been in the 150s but thought it would be better. The Congress is expected to have a low turnout.
Congress, Rahul’s efforts to win There are no attempts made by the Congress to grab Gujarat. Rahul Gandhi went to the police, oscie, patipadar and dalit leaders. But Aina could not hurt the BJP. Patriar movement and other movements seem to have wreaked havoc on the BJP. But the percentage of votes could be reduced. Kamalam could not defeat the party.


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