World Bank Group hitting the 'capital'


World Bank inspection team has come to the conclusion that what the state government says about the capital is worthless. The state government, the CRDA, realized that there was no truth in land acquisition (land pools). In this regard, CRDA has stated that the situation in the field is unmatched. The group made it clear that the peasants had revealed during their checks that they were threatened during the land reforms. Besides, the social, economic and environmental aspects of food security have expressed the notion of the truth.

The financial assistance provided for the project in the World Bank capital is about 93 per cent of the landing pools. The report cites farmers, social and environmentalists’ views on social, economic and environmental impacts as well as food security. In this backdrop, it has to take into consideration the serious allegations of land and livelihood farmers and farmers. The World Bank inspection team advised bank directors to make a decision on loan in the capital, only after being overheating on social issues, livelihood and food security,
The World Bank inspection team visited the villages of the capital on August 29 and 30 for two days after landless farmers and livestock deprived of livelihoods in the landing pond for the capital. Before the tour, the CRDA assembled with officials and took the details. According to the details, the farmers in several villages gathered directly to their views. During the visit, the WorldBank presented to the Board of Directors with the observations they had observed during the inspection along with the views expressed by the farmers.


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