Stopping the Chain Migration of Family's to US


US President Donald Trump has put forward a new proposal on immigration. Proposed to bring the talent based immigration system. To control green cards, to block chain migration, and to block the illegal mining of minors in the name of dreamers. The American Congress on Sunday announced a list of the latest proposals with a variety of topics. Opposition leaders blamed the opposition.
One of the most talented Indian immigrants is the benefit of IT in particular because of the talent-based immigration system. Thousands of Indian Americans who want family members, especially elderly parents to get to the United States, may have a serious negative impact.
Trump was not mentioned in his proposals by the Indian IT professionals as the most enthusiastic H-1B visas. Trump announced the latest proposals for the purposes of the country. The DACA program announced by the DAA against the Constitution, which has given two years of work permits to young migrants dealing with illicit immigrants in the US, announced last month that it will be reduced in stages.
The letter submitted to the Congress on Sunday said that any DAA status should be included in the latest proposal. Trump said it was unlikely that illegal migrants and chain migrants would continue to be heavily influenced by American workers and taxpayers.
The current immigration policy defends the interests of the country and argues that it is a chain of immigrants that expand families rather than the skill-based migration system. Decreasing wages due to decades of low-skilled migration, unemployment rose and burdened on resources.
Trump called for the creation of new points based systems in the delivery of green cards that legally guarantee permanent resident status. It’s clear that the green card system should be based on factors such as the ones being financially self-sustaining. The Trump list includes proposals for clearing the green card system, as well as proposing funds for building a controversial border wall with Mexico, blocking minors entering the country.


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