Around 70 Injured On this Diwali 2017 in Hyderabad


More than 70 victims were injured in the pavilion on the pavilion day and undergoing treatment at Sarojini Devi eye hospital in Hyderabad, LV Prasad Eye Hospital. Some of these were urgently performed with surgical procedures, and medical examinations were sent to some of them.
Swapna (19) from Narkuda village, Shamshabad Mandalam, is studying for the second year at Guru Nanak Engineering College. On Thursday night, fellow pupils baked rocket accidentally hit her eyes. Sarojini Devi immediately shifted to the eye hospital and urgently operated.
The doctors said that the blood was noticed in the eye and that the injury was not clear in sight. Vishnesh (11) of the Nakkeeral district in Adadhi Bhuvanagiri district was hit by the eyes. Two eyes have been surgically treated. The doctors said that they are now able to save their eyesight. Surajadas (8) from Charminar, Hyderabad, Charan Kumar (13) from Secunderabad, Sushant (13), Adil (12) and Jahangir Khan (9). Some victims came to the hospital and immediately sent medical exams. A special arrangement for Diwali victims has been made, Dr Superintendent of the Hospital Incharge Dr Ravinder Goud said. Free healing for the eye wounded with fireworks: Lakshmareddy
Health Minister C Lakshmaredi said in a statement today that those who were injured in the Diwali festival had been given free medical treatment at the Sarojani Devi eye hospital in Hyderabad. On Thursday night, at least 30 people were injured in various parts of the hospital. There is no need to worry about the victims.


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