India is Our Loyal Friend Says United States Secretary


US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Wednesday that India is India’s most vulnerable partner. He announced that the two countries will move forward with mutual cooperation, The world’s largest democracies in the world are India-Bharat.

He said that for some time the democratic bond with India is brewing, he expressed the desire to be firmly convinced. He said that the US is working with India for peace, security and stability in the Indo-Pacific region. He announced that India would fight for the eradication of terrorism. He said that relations between US and India need to be both economically and commercially. In the past, he said that India has successfully implemented several economic reforms.

He praised India on the same level of criticism in China. He criticized China for international laws on the dominance of South China Sea. He said the US wants constructive relations with China since the beginning. He said China is dealing with damage to the sovereign nations of India, such as India. India needs a loyal partner at this time. Tillarson said that our partnership values ​​are confident that the world’s prosperity and peace will remain.


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