China to Prevent North Korea Nuclear Tests


Hillary Clinton suggested to Donald Trump that it was not enough to make provocative statements to be a top-governing leader. She participated in a ceremony held in Seoul, South Korea. On this occasion she responded to the news of war with North Korea.
“It is not right to repeatedly announce Trump’s statement to be ready for war with North Korea. Such statements are dangerous to the United States. Tweets that trump with advertisements will benefit North Korea. They change the country’s president, Kim Jung Wan, to become more manly. There is no need to stop them on the original, “Hillary said.
She urged China to play a key role in preventing North Korea from doing nuclear and missile tests. She advised China not to congratulate nuclear tests. She suggested to the dragon’s country to bring in more restrictions. She suggested to the top nations that they should resolve the problem through diplomatic negotiations to convince them (North Korea).


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