Maha Saptami – Why its very Important for India


‘Durga Puja’ is the major festival that is celebrated with full enthusiasm and rituals in eastern parts of Asian nations. In the Indian zone, it is observed in a vigorous manner.
People pray to the deity for power, happiness, intelligence and knowledge. Durga Puja is rejoiced as ‘Navratri’ that begins from the very next day of Mahalaya Amavasya.
In the state of Bengal, the ‘Chokhudaan’ (coloring the eyes of the goddess statue) ritual is carried out on this big day. After that, on the sixth day of Navratri, the deity is greeted through ‘Bodhon’. Lastly, puja begins from the seventh day aka Maha Saptami.
Each and every day of the religious festival, Durga Puja, has its individual importance.
What is the significance of Maha Saptami?
In fact, as per the Hindu mythologies, Goddess Durga destroyed Mahisasura, the evil king after the fight of 9 days.
It is the triumph of good value over wickedness On the 7th day, the Goddess started battle against the buffalo devil that finished with his demise on Vijaya Dashami (the tenth day).
So, in addition to relishing the day in innovative clothes and makeup, check out the significance of Maha Saptami –
1. Bathing Navapatrika- The major significance of this day is the bathing ritual of Navapatrika. Here, the 9 different plants including banana, pomegranate, turmeric, jayanti, ashoke, bel, arum plant, colacassia and paddy get tied mutually and taken to the holy river Ganges before the rising of the sun for bathing. The puja begins after that.
2. Importance of Nine Plants- To comprehend the significance of Maha Saptami, you have to gain knowledge about the meaning of those plants. During the battle, Maa Durga formed ‘Ashtanayika’ (8 battle partners). The 9 plants represent each imitation of the deity.
3. Attached by Clitoria Ternatea- Yes, the technical name is puzzling you. It is also a plant of “aparajita” or koyala. After washing up the 9 plants, all get connected with the plant. In fact, this represents the eternal victory of Devi Durga over Mahisasura.
4. Worship of Goddess Saraswati- Importance of Maha Saptami comprises the adoration of Devi Saraswati. Mostly, in the state of Kerala, Deity Durga is idolized on the seventh day of Navratri.
5. Maha Snan- Importance of Maha Saptami can’t be explained entirely without this. Goddess Durga is treated as the dearest daughter.
6. Prana Pratishtha- A pot full of holy water gets placed in front of the deity. Ina ddition, five mango leaves along with a coconut is positioned on the pot.


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