Maa Kushmanda 4th Day of Navratri


Kushmanda is worshiped on the fourth day of Navaratri. Due to its slow smile, due to the production of egg, the fame is named after Kushmanda. This form of Maa is very gorgeous.
Who listen to everyone’s call Ma calms the restlessness of the mind and gives speed to the person. It is mentioned in the Puranas about this form of mother that when the universe did not exist, then that goddess had created the universe.
When the creation did not exist then Maa Kushmandah created the universe itself; Mother Kushmanda is the form of the creation and the Aditi Shakti. Due to the creation of the universe, the maa is worshiped as Kushmandra Devi.
The Ma controls the solar system. Ma Kushmanda is octagonal, so mother is known as Ashtabhuja Devi. With arms and ammunition, the mother also has a nectar urn in one hand. Maa Kushmanda leads her devotees toward happiness, prosperity, and progress. Mata is offered a maid plea.


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