Gurmeet Ram Rahim and Rakhi sawant are So Close


Bollywood actress Rakhi Sawant has revealed interesting facts about Dara Saatcha Sauda Sauda Gurujet Ram Raheem Singh, who is in jail for rape. Speaking on TV show ‘A Dialogue with JCC’, she said that she had met Gurmeet many times. He said Baba was among those who told him to join politics. Gurmeet said he did not expect to play with the women’s lives, Haneefree said it was not acceptable to meet Gurmeet. Where he revealed that he would get away with Baba’s marriage.

“I do not want to meet Gurmeeet Honeyprit. She was afraid that she would become a better friend. Haneefree was very beautiful. She wanted me to be more beautiful than she was. Gurmeeet himself was an incarnation of Krishna, and he felt young around him as giants. Once I went to the hotel to meet him. I was amazed at the young ladies around Baba dressed in shirts. There are more women and women than men in the Gurmith Ashram, “said Rakhi Sawant.
The film based on the life of Gurmeeet and Honeypreet is said to be completed by December or January. While Baba’s prison life is being spent, he revealed that Haneef’s death was going to be shot in the film. Rakhi Sawant is playing the role of Haneepeeth in the film.


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