Allahabad University Seminar Canceled


LUCKNOW : The Allahabad University Student Department today said that the seminar was set up in the campus to overcome the threat of moderate forces. The threats from the rightwing forces have come to face serious consequences if the program is canceled.
Manish Sharma, the student leader, said, “This program, which was supposed to be held on the name of Liberty Festival, was inadequate to withdraw. The Allahabad Varsity Vice-Rathnalal Hingloo had filed a complaint against threatening phone calls from the HRD ministry.
In the case of attacking the building of the Indian Parliament, Afzal Guru, a terrorist, was convicted and sentenced to death by the court. In February this year, a group attempted to organize the 4th anniversary of Afzal Guru in Delhi JNU.
The news was reduced to the back of the viral in the social media. The Liberty Festival program also has a bad campaign like a program in Delhi JNU. The Madras IIT, which announced a seminar on the issue of equity establishment on 23rd of this month, has also been reduced to a fresh start.
This convention has been canceled. The JNU students allege that the BJP is trying to put an anti-national impression on any program conducted in the country’s varsity.


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