Actor Satya Prakash Shares About His Real Life


Satyaprakash says, “Sadhguru Baba is the reason for recognizing the special place in the film world. In our town, in his head, he shared his urban kabur and childhood antics with witness readers. “Our grandmother is Vizianagaram. My grandmother is their Srikakulam. Father Nataraj. Amma is a gem housewife. I have a younger brother and sister.
Dadda worked at the steel plaza of Odisha Rourkela. Nearly 50 more friends and relatives in the same plant have been given jobs by the company for quarters. Also, Telugu Association of 50 Telugu families have started in Rourkela. In the second month of my birth I went to Rourkela. She grew up and worked at Allahabad Bank to do the MBA.
Rourkela To Chennai:
I went from Rourkela to Chennai to leave the stationary bank job. I spent six months in the waiting room at Central Station in Chennai. Reaching the night is turning to the night. After that, the film unit spent six years in a hut in a hut on a four-story house in West Mamballa, near Denver. Every need in the house should come to the ground floor. I had a bicycle bike at that time. I remember the day when the dumbbell was sitting on it to pull it out rather than drive it.
My mother and dad have been cooperating with me. We were married to Hema’s daughter when she was going for the cinema at Madras. She was brought up in Jamshedpur’s maternal home and was circled by every cinema office, I was disappointed that I was not lucky to play this movie. With a friend’s advice, I went to Shirdi in 1995 and visited Sai Baba. Soon after the release of famous director Producer Vijayapapaini, me Megastar Chiranjeevi gave me a chance to play villain in Biggas.
Megastar has taught me a lot of talents and skills. After that, Sai Kumar’s role as a hero in the police story took me to the height of my mind in the field. No longer looked back. Night of the night I became a villain. After that I also acted as a villain with Sai Kumar in the fire IPS. Vivekapalani had a home and a car in Saligram.
Samarasam Reddy Super Duper hits the film with Balakrishna. Balakrishna called me before the shooting of the movie and everyone in front of the set was enjoying the role of villain in the role of you are happy to praise me. Chiranjeevi and Balakrishna on screen, I did not expect in the dream to cast a glimpse of the two eyes of the favorite heroes, shouting applause. I have acted in over 400 films with Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Oriya, Malayalam, Bhojpuri, Bengal and two Hollywood films.

90 per cent of all are critically villain characters. I got more awards than in Kannada than in Telugu. Gender producer Rockland Venkatesh is my life partner. He gave my son Nataraj the chance to be a hero in Kannada film ‘Manasu Malligai’. The film, along with another film, has also been hit by Super Duper. Third film is currently shooting in Hyderabad. My daughter is doing biomedical at Ramachandra Medical College. Even though I have acted in these films, my wife does not believe in a movie. I do not know my interest. However, she has contributed to my development.
Celebrity in Urals:
I was very distressed when I went to the jade of my grandfather. I walked alone with the intimacy of knowing nothing. But from wherever it came, the fans surround me like a sea. I escaped from them and went to church and hid. Then he went to the police and joined the house with their help.
Childhood Sweeties:
For the summer holidays, Vizianagaram and Srikaku come for two months to be stolen at the age of seven, stolen cobbins, mamie de tandra, and the shop is a fun picking up. At the age of 14, Idli Sambar, Pure Filter, coffee at Vizianagaram Hotel If you come to a small town, the movies will see three games on the same day alone. In the movie hall, the floor is in the ticket and sitting in the chair in the interviews.
When I was 17 years old, I had to pay a nanny train ticket to go to Vanniyanagam in the name of a country called “Thottabandi” without buying the mo ticket. That money would be to watch movies and shikers. Neno ka is the movie moody. I am a crazy gangster. Mega Star and Balayya have two eyes for me. I did not think of it at that time. I completed degree in Ispat College in Rourkela and done MBA. After that, while we were working in Allahabad Bank’s Five Years Grade, In any case, the desire to get the name of the film has increased.
All my friends are just like a Hindi hero. Advised me to reach Bollywood. Soon, I went to Bombay and made efforts. Once again, Ravi Raja Pinishetti is directing Telugu film shooting in Bombay. Immediately I met him. He said the same thing. If you are in Tamil and you are in Bombay, you will be one of the ten. If you are in Chennai, you will find yourself in ten people. So you are advised to go to Chennai.


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