Reserve Bank OF India (RBI) about to release New Plastic Rs 10 Note


New Rs 10 will be coming soon in India before that Reserve Bank of India has decided to field trial plastic notes  in a few cities, these new notes are going to come with high security  and with new features on the both sides of the note,
And RBI said plastic notes are expected to be last longer than cotton based banknotes, the actual reason of the plastic new Rs10 is to extend the life cycle of bank notes and to be in security and also RBI said this standing committee of cyber security has been constituted to review the threats in the existing technology.
In five cities across the country will be using the first to start using plastic new Rs 10 notes of Denomination with approved by Reserve Bank Of India this currency cleaner than paper currency, it will be last longer and difficult to counter field.
Rbi released new 10rs note
The finance minister said to the Reserve bank of India to go ahead with the procurement of the plastic substrate material and approved the printing of new Rs 10 notes, Reserve Bank of India is expecting this new Rs 10 will withstand for all the climate conditions and last longer than cotton based banknotes central bank of India was waiting for approval for new Rs 10 from Central finance ministry of India to create extending solutions of new plastic Rs 10 note
rbi released new 10rs note
One important thing is Reserve Bank of India is planning to introduce a new plastic Rs 10 rupee notes for a while in a few main cities of India. This has been decided to release new plastic notes in a few cities of India to have field trials o New Rs 10 Rupee notes.Last UPA government told in February 2014 about the plan to print one billion new plastic 10 rupee notes denomination of field trials, at last, the cities were selected by the government they are like Kochi, Mysuru, Jaipur, Shimla, and Bhuvaneshwar.
Adoption of Plastic Notes
Reserve bank of India (RBI) will conduct in five cities trials of new plastic, not of Rs 10 and it is declaring a move to plastic notes money to fight with reducing of note and wear and tear. The interesting thing is the plastic notes are first adopted by the Australia in 1988 and new plastic notes are being used more than 20 different countries, these notes are stronger than old cotton notes of Rs 10.
As we have information Rs 10 paper may not be scrapped, there is no logic to demonetize Rs 10 notes instead of new plastic notes could be circulated with the paper bills and the quality of new plastic notes and responsibility of cash loaded ATMs is that of the sponsor bank by junior minister said.
And also reserve Bank of India said on the all the banks of India responsibility on bank prevent cases of fake notes and toy notes being pumped out of the ATMs said by “Santhosh Kumar Gangwar”
RBI also said the older version of the Rs 10 notes will not be scrapped, these changes make a huge difference in different places banknotes also featured below here

  • Sharp colors images of the notes front and back
  • Specific Identification of the Notes
  • With security features of the new notes
  • Date and signature variety signed an individual letter
  • Different check boxes to track locations
  • Date exactly reproduced on the notes
  • Background information for cultural and historical

Finally Reserve Bank of India has decided to introduce a new plastic Rs 10 notes in India very soon.


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