New Rs.50 Note Released by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) New Look of 50 Rupee


The Reserve Bank Of India will soon release Rs.50 denomination banknotes in the Mahatma Gandhi series. this Rs.50 rupee note very soon will be circulated in Indian states with the date and signature of the governor of Reserve Bank of India “Urjith Patel” the new not has geometric patterns and color scheme. The new Denomination note has Swatch Bharath logo with its slogan on the reverse side of the note. This is the 3rd note is going to release very soon by the Reserve Bank of India and finance ministry of India.
New Rs.50 Note
The new denomination has come on the chariot of the reverse showing India’s cultural heritage, the Rs 50 color is blue released by Reserve bank of India the new notes will have a design with new color obverse and reverse, it added. Front side the note will have portrait of Mahatma Gandhi at the center of the Rs 50 note the letters will be in Devanagari Lipi and English and Ashoka emblem will be the right side of the obverse.
This new  Rs.50 note makes huge changes in the society, this denomination banknote has motify of hampi  with chariot, very soon reserve Bank of India is about to plan in order to release new Rs.50 every corner of the country  this is going to stop from fake notes which are existing in every place
The Central Bank said This new 50 rupee not will have a new design and security features will be similar to the old tenders which will be continuing out there. In a sudden move, old currency notes and 1000 notes the Reserve bank of India introduced new notes of Rs.500. All most 86% of the currency in circulation, it was taken out, in order to stop corruption root and eliminate terrorist funding.

Features of the New Rs.50 Note 


  • Moti of Hampi with Chariot
  • Denominational in Devanagari
  • Swatch Bharath logo Year of printing on the note at left side


  • Must go through register with denominational number 50
  • Denominational Numeral 50 in Devanagari lipi
  • Picture of the Mahatma Gandhi at the center
  • Some Micro letters on the Rs.50 note
  • Governor’s signature with the promise clause
  • Ashoka Pillar emblem on the right side
  • Electrotype watermark
  • Numerals growing from the small to big
  • Very soon Reserve Bank of India is about to launch New Rs.50 Note



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