Hebah Patel and Varun Tejs Mister Movie Review


Mister Cast: Varun Tej, Nazzar, Lavanya Tripathi, Hebah Patel, Srinivas Reddy, Prithvi and Raghu Babu.

Direction: Sreenu Vaitla

Sreenu Vaitla had a really bad time both professionally and personally  after continous flops and now is eagerly waiting for a hit to put his career back in track. Similar is the situation with Varun Tej, though his previous movies were critically appraised many of them weren’t blockbusters at the box office. Amidst this the movie was released today.

Mister Story:

Meera played by Hebah Patel goes on a five days trip to Spain and stays with the heroe’s family i.e. Chai ( Varun Tej ). During her short stay Chai falls in love with Meera, however he later comes to know that she is already in love and decides to slowly forget her. Later when Meera’s brother threatens her Meera approaches Chai for help. While this story goes on parallely there will be a story set in the Chai’s native village in Andhra Pradesh. He gets  to visit his grand father and during his visit he falls in love with Chandra Mukhi ( Lavanya Tripathi). The whole story revolves around the three and how Chai solves the problems of Chandra Mukhi and Hebah Patel. The most interesting part is the climax in which Chai gets married.

 Actors Performance:

Varun Tej justified his role by playing the roles of a modern guy from Spain by portraying some human values. Hebah Patel still has scope to improve and in this movie she could do off with her cute expressions. Lavanya as a village girl could impress everyone.
Comedians Prithvi Raj and Srinivas Reddy have justified their roles with some timely gigs. And Nazzar needs a special mention.


The movie Mister isn’t definitely not that kind of movie which satisfies the criteria of a good script and with it’s average storyline the movie will start getting boring after the character introductions are done. Sreenu Vaitla disappoints with the bad timing of comedy once again after super star Mahesh Babu starrer Aagadu. The production values were really good and screenplay is the only thing which let’s you sit in your seat for a solid 2 and half hours.
Totally Mister is an average once watchable film for the weekend.
Rating: 2/5


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