Whatsapp iOS Update with Offline messages


The one thing which always annoyed an iPhone user when he was using the WhatsApp was that he cannot send a message when there is no internet connection. In the case of poor internet connection, one had to wait until the network restored, as the send icon never appears. Now with this latest update, even the iOS users have the privilege of queuing up their messages.
The user can que his messages when he is on the way back home and once he gets connected to Wi-fi the messages are automatically sent. Until then there will be a clock icon appearing beside the messages which are similar to the android version of WhatsApp. This update of the messaging app will cost the user a packet data of 91 MB. Along with this, the iOS users can select 30 media files at a time, unlike the previous version which was limited to 10. And if you don’t want someones to chat on your phone for long, just select the amount of data each contact can occupy on your phone and you are done. Last year the iOS also had an update using which one can shoot a video or photo and add text and emoji and send it to their pals. Totally the offline messaging feature is the much-awaited update from WhatsApp.
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