Facebook and Whatsapp are stealing your data


Supreme Court Slaps Centre, Facebook and WhatsApp with notice.

The Supreme Court has once again raised the concern of data security over the social networking platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook. On Monday it has issued a notice to the Central Government, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, Facebook and Whatsapp over plea which was heard by the Supreme Court on Monday regarding the data security.Seeking a reply within two weeks the Supreme Court has asked the Central Government, Facebook, Whatsapp and Telecom Regulatory Authority of India to respond to the privacy policy for social network platforms.
Earlier on 1st of September 2016 when Whatsapp served a message to all it’s users saying that their data shall be used by Whatsapp and those who are not interested in sharing the same can uninstall the app. And the Supreme Court at that time responded on the same and offered that all the data of the users who have uninstalled the app should be deleted in order to safeguard their privacy.
And now the issue has once again come up when a petitioner filed the case at the Supreme Court saying that there is no data security on Whatsapp and Facebook. The petitioner in the petition filed has mentioned that the cross-platform messaging app WhatsApp has become a Utility app and there should protection of the data. He also mentioned that there are around 157 million WhatsApp and Facebook users across the country and the service provided by these social networking apps should be considered as a public utility service.The Supreme Court observed the clause mentioned by Whatsapp “WhatsApp is an a free facility, don’t use it if you are concerned about privacy” and responding to the same it serviced the notice seeking a reply.
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