Rs. 500 Recharge Fake WhatsApp Message Circulating


WhatsApp Users Beware! There is a fake WhatsApp message circulating which claims that there are a free Rs. 500 recharge to all Indians. In a move to cash in on the PM’s demonetization drive and incentives he is offering for cashless transactions, this hoax message is circulating on WhatsApp. These kinds of messages are to steal personal information from vulnerable people who believe the message and enter their details. This is how the Circulating Hoax WhatsApp Message Reads, “Rs 500 balance for every Indian. Reforming India. Modiji giving free balance. Click here.” Once the user taps or clicks on the link on the words ‘click here’ they are taken to a link. There the website asks the user for personal details like their contact number, operator name and even the state the user lives in. one the user is done filling in the details the dialog box with an amount of Rs 500 recharges written on it appears. This appears just below the page.

Rs. 500 Recharge Fake WhatsApp Message Circulating

The Rs. 500 recharge amount never credited to the user. The user has simply given all the personal details. The WhatsApp spam message goes on to say “invite those who are in troubles, you need to invite at least 15 friends or groups to tell about Rs 500 balance.” Users are advised to delete this message should they receive the hoax WhatsApp message. Do not tap or click on the link even by mistake. These malicious links may also rob your phone data and affect your device.

Recently there was another WhatsApp hoax message circulating claiming to be an invitation to activate its recently introduced video calling feature for Android and iOS. Before circulating messages on WhatsApp make sure it is valid from an official websites platforms. Do not fall prey to such kind of online scams.


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