Mahesh Babu and Pawan Kalyan support Jallikattu


Mahesh and Pawan Kalyan support Jallikattu

Despite the agitations in Tamil Nadu, the Central Government has chosen not to responded on the Jallikattu issue. Meanwhile, the support for the students who are getting onto the streets to protect their traditional bull taming sport, the support for them is increasing day by day from the other states too.
Celebrities like power star Pawan Kalyan and superstar Mahesh Babu have taken it to Twitter to support all those students who are fighting not just for their identity, but also for those stud bulls.
“Ban of Jallikattu and Kodipandem by Govt of India is an attack on the Dravida culture and its Integrity; this is how it’s being viewed in Dakshin Hindustan. I have observed this ‘deep hurt’ in people of Dakshin Bharat while i was shooting in Pollachi(Tamilnadu) and during my political interactions in Andhra about the ban of their respective cultural events in the recent times” said Pawan Kalyan.
“Proud to see such a statement of unity among Tamilians for something that they truly believe in.Especially admire the way the students of Tamil Nadu have been standing up for the cause, relentlessly fighting for their roots and culture.Hope their voices are heard. I support the spirit of Tamil Nadu. #JusticeforJallikattu” tweeted Mahesh Babu.
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