McDonalds Story: The Founder movie Review,Rating and Storyline.


The Founder Movie Review and Rating.

Cast: Michael Keaton as Ray Kroc, Laura Dern, Nick Offerman, John Carroll Lynch, Patrick Wilson and Linda Cardellini.
Director: John Lee Hancock
Run time: 1hour 55 minutes.
Story: The founder is a real life story of Mc Donalds Corporation founder Ray Kroc, a 52-year-old salesman who convinces two brothers who start a fast food eatery to start a chain of restaurants using the franchise model. It’s about how a 52-year-old man with sheer persistence and ambition can market an innovative idea in just one year with almost 17 outlets in various states of the United States of America.
The story starts from Ray Kroc making his efforts to sell milkshake machine and one day he gets an order for 6 milkshake machines. Then he gets to know about the concept of McDonald’s started by Dick McDonald and Mac McDonald. And inspired by the idea, he markets it across the USA and gets the best people onboard to run a franchise.
The McDonald brothers oppose every proposal put by Ray Kroc and finally legally Ray settles the McDonald brothers account by paying USD 2.7 Million.
Review: Since the whole story revolves in the year 1954, the director had to be really careful about every small detailing which is shown on the screen. He tried to restore the same atmosphere and he must be appreciated for that. Except for the yellow lines which are shown on the highway when Ray Kroc travels to visit the outlet with the┬áM symbol arch. The yellow lines were not used during the 1950’s, the period during which this story was setup.
The dialogue delivery of Keath needs a special mention and he justified the role of Ray Kroc. And the other actors too justified their role. However, the movie is little slow moving and bit longer than a usual English film.


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